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Our team represents several decades of experience in biomedical research and development (R&D) and in successful commercialization of drugs. Evestra’s management experience includes launching and growing start-up companies, capital raising and successfully steering companies from early stage research through clinical development, FDA/EMA approvals and commercialization of therapeutics.

Evestra has intentionally adopted an efficient semi-virtual business organizational model. Needed expertise in R&D and product development is provided by its distinguished Scientific Advisory Board; a network of highly experienced and accomplished consultants and specialized contract research   organizations.

From left to right are: Prof. Dr. Klaus Nickisch, CSO of Evestra, Inc. and Managing Director of Evestra GmbH, Mr. John Kerr, Chairman of the Board,  Dr. Ze’ev Shaked, President and CEO, and Dr. Narashima Rao, who retired in 2010 as Vice President of Research.  Dr. Rao passed away in 2015.