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Over its history, Evestra has invested considerable resources to protect and advance the intellectual property conveyed to it at its founding by TXBiomed and to build its own intellectual property. Its patent portfolio includes five issued US patents, eight international patents, and more than 40 other patent applications. In general, these patents protect Evestra’s lead products in the form of composition of matter patents, as well as synthetic procedure and manufacturing methods. The Company has established technology know-how and trade secrets that relate to process and product manufacturing of vaginal ring-based products, and also derive from the Company’s extensive history in medicinal chemistry as it pertains to innovative women’s healthcare products. The Company’s core patents expire in 2030 and beyond.

Evestra is engaged in a wide range of women’s health submarkets that address high medical need areas via a wide range of products, including fertility control, menopause management, gynecological therapy and incontinence.