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Evestra GmbH

Evestra GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary based in Berlin, Germany. Evestra GmbH is responsible for the Project Management of Evestra’s Research and Development Projects, from the time of inception of an idea for a new product all the way through regulatory approvals. This includes the managing of all development partners that are involved in the stages of preclinical and clinical development as well as the coordinating of the consultation and input from our scientific advisory experts. They manage submissions to regulatory authorities, oversee the development of manufacturing processes of APIs and are instrumental in developing licensing partnerships for which Evestra is seeking.

Evestra GmbH actively seeks competent partners to conduct preclinical and clinical development projects.  This sourcing and selection of partners enables the Evestra family to cultivate mutually rewarding relationships to achieve our goals and at the same time maintain flexibility the ever-changing requirements and regulations as they pertain to the pharmaceutical industry.

Located in Berlin, a major metropolis with a long history in pharmaceutical development, Evestra GmbH witch has a geographical advantage when working with local, regional, and international partners. The favorable location of Berlin in the middle of the European Union makes it very convenient to have face-to-face meetings.